Brighton 2011: A Landmark Event in Gene Therapy Research

In 2011, Brighton, a quintessentially English seaside town, played host to a landmark event in the field of gene therapy. The British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (BSGT) and the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT) came together for a one-off collaborative meeting, marking the VIIIth Annual Conference of the BSGT and the XVIIIth Annual Congress of the ESGCT. This unique event brought together the UK’s leading gene therapy experts and offered opportunities for broader collaborations with groups from across the EU and beyond.

The theme for the Brighton 2011 conference was “Letting the science do the talking”. True to its theme, the conference focused on cutting-edge science, translational research, and the latest data from around the world. It was an exciting year for BSGT, as the conference not only retained the social and scientific community feeling that characterizes the BSGT Annual meeting but also expanded its reach to a wider audience.

The conference offered a range of topics and extra events tailored for students, young scientists, industry professionals, clinicians, and principal investigators. It provided a platform for these diverse groups to share their work, learn from each other, and build new collaborations. The event was hailed as one of the best ESGCT Congresses to date, highlighting the success of this collaborative approach.

Participants had to register through the ESGCT to attend the congress, a process that further emphasized the collaborative nature of this event. The BSGT IXth Annual Conference was set to resume as usual in 2013, but the Brighton 2011 conference left an indelible mark on the gene therapy community.

Brighton 2011 was a significant event that brought together the leading minds in gene therapy from the UK and beyond. It showcased the latest research in the field, fostered new collaborations, and set a high standard for future ESGCT Congresses.

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